Making decisions is a vital part of business.  But making decisions without clear or useful information is a challenge your organization can avoid. The experts at MAC LLP will work diligently with your organization to help you make informed decisions.

No two organizations are alike and our Assurance Services are customized to meet your specific needs.

We will help your team make sense of your information and position your organization for success.

  • Financial statement audits
  • Financial statement review
  • Financial statement compilation


In many ways, an organization is like a living creature.  As it grows and develops, the organization will need to meet new challenges and adapt to remain relevant in today's marketplace.  However, knowing the right steps to ensure success for your organization can be daunting.

We are ready to provide your business with a fresh outlook delivered through practical services, including:

  • Business plan development
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Human Resources
  • Transition/Succession planning
  • Cash flow projections



Financial software can be a great asset when it is properly understood and used. Our software experts are prepared to provide support for all of the major financial software programs.

Software services include:

  • Hosted seminars and on-site training
  • Migration to higher-level software as the need arises
  • Initial setup and training for bookkeeping services
  • Complete management of your bookkeeping needs



Navigating the complicated requirements and regulations of taxation can be a
nerve-wracking task for any individual or organization.  Let the accomplished team
at MAC LLP eliminate the stress of taxes and allow you to get on with your life.

We are committed to assisting you through every aspect of your taxation and filing needs, including:

  • Personal and corporate return preparation
  • Estate planning
  • Tax appeals and representation to the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Payroll related matters
  • Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) consulting


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The MAC LLP team also offers US Tax Services for individuals relating to:

  • Preparation of federal personal tax return Form 1040 and Form 1040NR along with any corresponding state returns
  • Preparation of FinCEN Form 114 Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Account Reporting
  • Cross border planning for individuals to assess tax implications that may arise
  • Providing ITIN services to individuals as an IRS Certified Acceptance Agent
  • Preparation of all necessary filings for US Citizens wishing to file under the IRS Streamlined Program to become current with their US tax filings